New Look, New Journey!

I founded Inlight Photos in 2007. It has been eight years since, how time flies! It started with a very simple intention – passion. Since then till now, I am still loving what I do, and do I what I really love. Last year, we have decided to rebuild the Inlight Photos’ brand after all these years. We are hoping to re-launch it with a clearer brand image, style and positioning for us to move towards the direction that we are striving to reach.

Just like anyone else, we also experienced ups and downs throughout these years, but thank God, Inlight Photos has walked and passed with His guidance and protection. Without Him, we are nothing or might have giving up on the way.

Last but not least, I’d like to extend my deepest appreciation to my wife Shanice, my family, my church’s cell group and worship band buddies for your prayers, all my great friends for all of your encouragements (you guys know who you are), my brand and life mentors, Joesher and Coney for your awesome insights, and not forgetting my wonderful vendors in the industry who have supported and inspired us since we started.

A special thank-you goes to my dearest clients for your kindness, friendship and appreciation for our work. Inlight Photos will continue to improve and we resolve to do it even better in the coming years.

So now and it’s time! We are ready to go onboard for a brand new journey!