“We photograph life stories; in the hope to inspire people to cherish the past, present and the better future.”

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They say how we spend our days is how we spend our lives …

We celebrate upon reaching many of life’s milestones, yet in between them — when one momentous occasion is over and the next one is yet to come — is where lives are lived. We all want a life filled with dazzling moments, but perhaps how we really spend our days, in what feels like mundane and ordinary, is really the best moments of our lives. Perhaps the most beautiful moments are the ones happening right now, in the “in-betweens” of life.

Hi, my name is Joshua. I photograph simple, genuine moments that tell the story of you, just as you are. I strive to capture heartfelt photographs that are emotionally honest, that you will look back fondly for years to come. Because I believe meaningful is beautiful.

My interest in photography began at an early age, with my first photographs tracing back to when I was twelve. Inspired and often humbled by the people I met and their stories, I left my job as an illustrator to pursue a career as a life photographer. That was how Inlight Photos was born in 2007.

Through the years, we have had the honor to document many of life’s memorable moments. Our work is rooted in a belief that a photograph is more than just what you see, but how you feel having seen it. A good photograph touches the heart and leaves you a changed person.

It has been a meaningful journey of growth, but what drove us from the very beginning still remains true today — a passion to tell your story through the simple beauty of everyday life. It is in these honest, truthful moments that your life is made out of, and it is these memories that will resonate through the rest of your life and the lives of those that come after you.

Because the little things in life are really the big things.

Warm Regards,